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How To Book An Appointment With One Of Our Experts

As a digital company, we have no static offices - we use flexible offices located all over Gauteng Province! Before booking an appointment with us, please note the following:

1. Request a detailed quotation for the services you need

2. After login or create an account at Capnet Panel so we can have your company details in our system

3. From the client area, navigate to 'Support' and create a ticket to 'APPOINTMENTS'

4. Our office appointment are available from Monday - Friday (10:30 - 16:00)

5. In order for your appointment to be set, your project must be worth R6000 or more

6.Since most of our projects admins are usually busy, you should make an appoint 3-4 days prior

7. Upon appointment confirmation, we'll assign the next available projects admin to your project appointment (usually takes 24-48Hours)

Don't have an account with us? create an account with us first before booking an office appointment.

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